Simple Questions

Hello I am fairly new to the game which I downloaded yesterday. I admit im a super noob when it comes to better understanding how the game work, so I have some questions I need help answered.

When i complete a random map floor i check to see all the item I’ve received and if they are better then what I have I equip them and literally sell 4 full inven of stuff i dont need even legend stuff. I find my self having millions of gold and I’m only level 47. I wanna know am I doing something horribly wrong or what I am doing is smart.

Oh I think I’ve played about 12 hours of this game straight since i first downloaded it

wow! that’s really awesome and i see you having fun for playing straight 12 hrs :laughing:

you could sell useless legends if you don’t find them appealing…
farm your way till floor 100+
slowly, build your gears toward exploring EP 8 easily and challenge the leader board (overall ranking)
read a lot about the codex found at hero tabs
and just post questions here whenever you don’t understand something :smile:

good luck and enjoy playing :smiley:

Thank you :smile: