Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]

750, Mythic 3. Mayhem set.

Would just like to point this out, as Mayhem is a very awesome set :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I need to start writing things down. I realized that after I edited the guide itself and went on to the items. My memory is absolute garbage.

Love the guide. As a complete noob I find it quite helpful. In regards to the part where you refer to the legendex, it might be worth putting as a side note what constitutes a “powerful enemy” as there isn’t really anywhere that gives an answer in the codex or on the wikis from what I’ve seen. Though I could just be completely blind. :sweat_smile:

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Will do, guy. Thanks for the input. :smile:

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I got a second nadroji robe and was gonna use it for the hireling. Since nadroji set only works for main char I’m trying to remove the set and the bonus but kyanite is not selecting it. And if I use quartz I’ll lose the ED%. Is it possible to remove?

not the gray affixes. you should look for aether wrap. nadroji robe is kinda just for farming now.

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I got my hands on a Hand of epiphany and made me wonder: does epiphany set stack with the fortunate perk?
Because I entered on mythic 3 which got me to 850% luck and gold, equipped the Hand and didnt see any change on the all stat page nor on the Adventure page…

I believe the perks won’t be altered by anything, especially when you consider that they already go beyond the cap.

It won’t change the 200% luck/gf gain from fortunate but it will change your 650% cap to a higber cap. Normally it would be 850% because 650+200=850% but if you change 650% to 655% for eg, it would be:655+200=855% . Your stat does change but the perk itself doesn’t change from 200% to a higher percantge as @Skaul said. Please comfirm this with me though if i got anything inocrrect?

Agreed. Nadroji robe is only for farming now and I think that was the whole purpose behind nadroji gears. Stun immune can now be got from ruby and ed% can be got from aether wrap which is far too easy to get if you get maxed item drops and maxed luck. Only exception is that nadroji ring or amulet is still useful for crafting as they have 2+all sets on them and not too hard to get. Saves elixir mythstone and elixir mythstone are easier now but still good to keep em just in case.

Also nadroji hat is only for farming nowadays. Blind immune (not sure if people use it much) can be got from ruby crystal and other thing found off nadroji hat.

New things to look out for when crafting: aether wrap because easy ed% and its a common robe, aether hat because again easy to get ed%, epiphany gauntlet because wd% from it is easier than looking for ragnarok with wd% and defiant. Insolance can take care of ed% with defiant. Also item such as entropic jewel or that cerebral vortex ring which can also have ed% if you need it and i think the ideal amount of ed% where its not too little or too much is 2-3 affixes on gear. These are wizard items with ed% but they can be converted to other class items and still keep the affixes stuck on there when you use the jasper crystal.

Only thing changed by jasper is the talents, 5+ talent/hero point affic such as ambush and the skill such as meteor into throwsword because naturally a staff can turn into a chakram or warrior sword.

Another item you could look for is mutiny if you want ed% on weapon but i think the vacuus scipio or the epiphany gauntlet is a best option to get wd% on weapon and wd% is essential now that ed% is widely available and can be placed anywhere you choose. Also for wd% on offhand, obviously good idea is to look out for shields such as the zealotry shield and that hatchet which is scipio.

These are my example on items to look out for. Let me know if I missed any?

2.1 crafting is so much easier and better for crafting, not to mention crafting new items too! Another thing is that gold is so much easier not to mention easier high rarity crystals/mythstone and crystal/mythstones overall in general. Best patch ever since the 2.0. I thought 2.0 was the best patch ever because of converting legends, battle arena and that but 2.1 is whole new world and best world ever.

@Skaul , I think this might be worth considering for the SHTT.

For levelling up the best way to get exp can be use larimar until you get packsize and magic enemies on a high quality map (3%-8% or any map) and if you have enough diamonds, reroll until you get a decent packsize percentage no (125% maybe) and a decent magic enemies number (could be 100-200% considering the nadroji bonus to add). Just a suggestion for players who want to ascend and get the most exp they can. Ofc, enshrined exp shrine helps alot or just exp shrines in general. For players with not so much crystal, packsize is the only thing to look for or buy maps until you get a result providing they have plenty of gold.

Hope this can help some people :smile: thanks if you can take some of this info on the SHTT, the info anyone can understand.

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Might also be worth noting that exp caps at floor 101 for those looking to power through the ascensions.


@JK47 what do you mean by that? exp in floor 101 is the same as higher floors?

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Yeah. At that point, all that will affect EXP is your gear’s EXP Gain.



  • New leveling tips
  • Two new links (Griffin’s Smithery and Cuzeg’s Leveling Guide)
  • Updated list of desired items
  • Specified “Powerful Enemies”
  • Typos, typos, typos…

This info was helpful.Well,what I could understand of it.

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Thanks @Skaul for writing this. I am brand new to DQ and looking for as much help as possible. Is this post up to date for 2.3? Where should I turn for additional up to date help?

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@Zudd if u need help bout information in game just post the questions. in question thread or make ur own post. lots of people here are knowlegable that would gladly answer. welcome to dq

The only thing this guide does not include is an update for the handful of new items due to my limited internet access.

If you ever have a question, just shoot me a message. :smiley:

How to max a pet stat? I think only calcite works.