Skill Bug

Hi guys Um i found a bug on my rogue that ween use the flintlock and the bows Skils they have a change to activite 1 time after using
Ps - sorry for my english

ex - ween i use the multishot it has a chance to trigger again but this is not a graphic bug because i saw the enemy knockback twice and the damage output

and the flintlock the scattershot skill aswell
i’m afraid that if this works on pvp
i found this in pve

im trying my best here to saw this in english im not that great at english and my grammar is a little bit off please forgive me for this

Thank you for your bug report! Can you send me a screenshot of your weapon please?

Maybe you have the legend affix ‘Specialist’ somewhere in your equips. :wink:

'Specialist i have one lol tsk sorry for this mess plss remove but this mormszzz why did he withdrawn his comment