Skill from other class - Elixer

Are skills from other classes boosted with elixer +5 skills mythstone on weapons? i use knightscharge on my wizard and wanted to boost it along with my class’ skills


Definitely yes

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Yes they are

you can also get knights charge on pet, but that’ll take a lot of re-rolls
Also identity set might help too


I see. Thank you!! I just stumbled upon that Set actually while im reading Dictionary and i’m considering taking it. I have other questions but i’ll just ask here instead of another post. In my skull item i have a Legend affix +200% WD%, will i still be able to roll for an Epic +% WD%? TIA 1

No bro, if duplicating the same affix in a 1 slot then I becomes a Bad affix back then :joy:

if you have an Affix of any Tier on an Item, you can’t roll the same Affix from another Tier onto the same Item.

if you have a Myth Stone on an Item with an Affix that can be rolled by Crystals, you can’t roll the same Affix as the Myth Stone on the same Item.

a Myth Stone that has an Affix that is already on an Item can be placed on the same Item.

if you want an Affix on an Item that has a Myth Stone with the same Affix, you can remove the Myth Stone, put the Affix on the Item, and then put the Myth Stone back on the Item. (if you took the Socket off of the Item to put the other Affix on, you can’t put the Myth Stone back on the Item)