Skills and talents not working correctly in pvp [Not a Bug]

Not sure if it’s a bug or not but I have +10 to prayer on 4 pieces of gear. When viewing my gear in PvP some of the affixes of prayer were at 3 and some were at 2. I rerolled the affixes that were at 2 with a fluorite and went back to PvP . Now they are displaying correctly at 3. My only doubt that this is a bug may be the tier system in the roll. My 10+ may have been a low 10 roll and as such was reduced to 2. This is my only guess at why it is displaying different numbers

Yes the reason it was displaying a different number was because it was a low roll :smile:

Thanks for the clear up. I was kinda thinking that it must use a tier system of some kind to keep the affix rolls level correct. Better now that I know it’s not a bug. Maybe they will move this to the right section or delete it. Thanks as always Griffin.

Yup! as far as I can tell there’s a hidden percentage linked to the quality of the roll that can be used for scaling purposes thus since you do not actually need to reach 100% on it to get +10 you can get a lower or higher affix value when the level is changed depending on that hidden number :smile: and will do :wink:

All affixes have a roll %. Since affixes like Skills must use intergers, the roll % are “Ceiling’ed” (math term) with a min range of > 0 (min = 0.01) to prevent the affix from giving you from ever getting a 0 boost (no one wants an affix that does nothing). This as a consequence will allow you to get 3 in pvp if you get MAX roll (2.01 becomes 3).

This is definitely good information to have. It’s a big difference between 16 prayer and 12 prayer in terms of PvP . I’m sure if anyone else uses + to skills or talents this is must have knowledge. Thank you for the replies.