Skull OH

Do skull shield provides defense? Because i notice most have skull shields absorbs splashed damage from comet so you need to hit them directly. Because some no skull shield i can hit them beyond range by splash damage specially those campers barrage Pierre blast are out of range vs comet splash damage

10% reduction per skull and they DMG :eyes:


yesss reduction + dmg of skull hitting on emeny. both good in pvp/pve

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Skullshield is like, " you cant urt-me like i’m going to urt you!!!"


I miss the time when they were called hydra and skulldraga or something.

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Is there a skull shield proc?

Shatter/Enigma + Earthshatter >>>> skullshield wizard

There is no shield wall proc except for wizard talent reclaim on amulet (1%/rank)

Im using orb with teleport and command i remove the shatter. That big minion i use as a bait for campers to triggers auto long range torrent obcourse i cant use my self bait in mythic league higher division most of them at DOT types. But i cant replaced the orb with skull because i need the teleport. So is there a chance for ruby to have skull shield proc? Ember no only secondary and special skill only that’s why i have command in the orb

Is there a chart for a ruby. What a ruby can provide affixes?

The recall talent acts like a skullshield proc but you will have to get that talent maxed. Necrotic needs maxing too as it increases skull damage, If your using a skull oh then you can ignore recall because skullshield will be avaible as a skill but I skill like recall because it can activate skullshield without you having to cast it

Does that damage reduction stay if you do the offhand swap?

I’m not exactly certain what you are asking but I will say you only get the reduction when the skulls are active. Skull shield primary OH skill is only available to wizard class. Three skulls give 30% damage reduction, lose one and you’re down to 20% damage reduction etc. You lose a skull when you take a hit of 10% or more of your HP IIRC.

You have to recast skullshield when the skulls start vanishing

I’m talking about where you cast skull shield and then switch to another offhand. The skulls stay active though. Just curious if switching to a different offhand had an effect on the skulls affects or if they retained their affects when initially summoned

If you’re talking about PvE ,I think that the skullshield stays when you cast it and change your offhand gear but in PvP you cannot change gears.
The skullshield will retain its stats from the offhand it was originally casted from.

That sounds about right. Switching gears was what I used to do for some interesting summon effects when i tested with summons and skull-shields. Making a build based on that can be fun too if you don’t mind having to switch many times or once every floor depending on how strong.

Yed switching im doinf that in pve. But in pvp you cant do that no switching in pvp

True. I’m well aware. If you could switch mid battle, that would be a bit OP in PvP and sometimes even death from trying to switch. Well I am glad pet skills such as fairy heal and switching mid battle isn’t a thing in arena.

If fairy can heal in pvp its my advantage im using fairy