Skullshield bug on on hirling

I did a search an couldn’t find one so I posted. Not the first to.e so it may have something to do with the gear setup. I’ll ss An send to support or a pm. Just let me know which one


You are not alone :wink: I got this one also
if i remember correctely, if you change a wear of your hireling, it will “recover” it’s skull.

Did you notice if you change a gear of your hireling, he will sometimes stop following you?

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Yea I posted that one a few days ago. . Haven’t had it happen in a few days so it May have something to do with gear sets I think he died right before I happened as well. Never tryed to change gears to recover thou. I was at the end anyways lolz.

Noted. Thank you for your bug report!

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