Skullshield Damage Reduction

I have never tested the damage reduction of skullshield.
i’ve read somewhere in the forum that skullshield has a damage reduction of 10% per head(total of 30%).
what if i add +3Skullshield affix? would my reduction be 13% x 3 = 39%?
it would be so tanky if it works that way.

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Nah, I have a farm build with +40 skullshield and I’m sure that I can die XD
The way you put here, +40 skullshield should give 50% x 3 = 150%, which obviously isn’t true.


As soon as you loose a head on skullshield your a dead man standing

30% damage reduction. I think points in Skull Shield increase the reduction additively, but you must remember, if you lose 20% of your HP in one hit, you lose a Skull, and the protection that Skull gives until it is replaced. I don’t know if it is 20% HP loss in one hit in the Arena or 8%, but either way, you don’t want low HP while using Skull Shield. it is a bad feeling when a Skull disappears and you start getting lots of damage before you can replace the Skull. :skull::skull::skull: - :skull: = :skull::skull: :head_bandage:

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Sounds about right.

I think skulkshield acts a bit like sanctuary. Loosing a skull is like getting the sanctuary warning . One false move and you are a gonna

Abilities don’t scale down this way