sorry i thought i read somewhere i could swap mainhand and offhand skills but turns out i was wrong altho someone somewhere mentioned they could cast a skill and randomly proc skullshield how again would i do this?

Skullshield Proc: there is no Legend Skullshield Proc. the Wizard Talent Reclaim gives a 1% per rank to Proc Skullshield when casting spells.
Swapping Skills: the Crystal - Amber can change an items Special Skill. it gives you 2 choices each time, so it might take a few tries to get the Skill you want. MH Special Skills can only be swapped between MH Items, and the same goes for OH Items. you can even swap the Special Skills of one Class to another Classes Items. so if a Wizard wanted the Warriors Throw Sword Skill on his Staff instead of Meteor, just use Amber.

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And if your going to use reclaim for skullshield proc your going to invest in legendary all spiritmancer talents and summoned and spiritmancer set s. In PvP it’s unreliable so you need to have an alternative build in mind with skullshield spawn as a bonus (if it happens). Hope that helps. In pve skullshield spawn is guaranteed

Thank you kind sirs

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