So i have 30 skullshield, i could reach higher into my build to achieve more Skullshield my problem is at floor 360 M3+ alot of the monsters are either shattering it outright to no skulls or are close to one shotting the skill off atm.

Will adding more skullshield mitigate the one shots or are more points into it a waste since it will effectively cap at some floor later or should i be supplementing the skill with other defensive stats like armor or resist to mitigate shields pop time if it works that way?

Any Advice?

skullshield should only be a supplement to other defensive stats. it would be best if you get defiant, pathfinder/dodge equivalnce but never rely on skullshield for damage reduction

It’s not for the reduction tbh i just want to get something back from it other than a free sanctuary block with that many points invested in it.

Basically im wondering if Armor/Resist come into effect while using Skullshield, does the damage mitigation from those defensive stats come into play before my shield starts losing skulls.

Thanks for the reply F00kee!

My skull shield DMG is way to op lol