I would love to talk to people on slack so if you want go on slack if you want to sign up just pm griffin or skual and that would be awesome :grinning:


some more details for anyone interested :smile:


Its lets you talk to the mod and testers quicker and we would love to see you there :grinning:


Ohhhh ok im gonna join


I’ll join soon




i cant join T_T




my phone is full cant downlaod


Oh. Then uninstall some applications or clear data on Applications to make sure you have enough space.


Ok ill try.


Good luck. Uninstall many applications that you don’t actually need. Facebook uninstall is fine because you can do the same things on Facebook online anyways and the same story for other social media.

Then some other apps you don’t need can be uninstalled. If there are some apps that you need to keep, say YouTube, just clear the data in application settings which is simples. The main reason why I don’t update most apps except games is because of the enormous amount of space as well as the updates happening way too often and running out of storage isn’t good.

Luckily I have a large storage phone but the pains of losing storage are real. It’s also easy to spend storage by taking screenshots/photos and downloading lots of musics/videos.


Sure is


uhm yeah.


Have you got slack now?


W8 ill download.


Good luck hope you enjoy our little group


Good luck. Have you joined? Group team name is dquesters . Type that in for the email.

Just go to Slack, Sign In instead of sign up.

Then type dquesters for team name. Then Type email and password for individual account.