Slightly NEED HELP :D :D

guys this is my 2nd question here.

i visit this page:
page said ‘’ Move Speed’ legend affix can be rolled.
but i spend 17pcs ruby crystal , but still can’t find ‘‘MOVE SPEED’’ legendary affix.
for now i used mythic stone +10% ms. but i want legend ‘‘MS’’ affix, cause it can be max to 15%.

anyways sorry for ‘‘BAD ENGLISH’’ agaid. duhhh! :smiley: :smiley:

Yes. 15% move speed can be rolled by ruby. You’re just extremely unlucky and rng trolling you I guess.
Somehow, I get legend move speed after 1-5 ruby spent or when I least expect it.

You’re just really unlucky. I always get really unlucky and roll the same rolls every single time. It will always roll the affixes that i don’t want, and then a few days later, i actually wanted that roll, maybe it’s fate…

thanks a lot :D… i’ve got rolled 2 ms in my gear and 1 ms in my oh. :smiley:

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