Small additions and changes that would be cool

I thought I would do a post of small additions and changes that would be fairly cool and valuable additions and I guess I’ll just do them in list format for ease of typing on my part

  1. Maps of only 1 enemy type. When your playing through the initial 200 floors the maps of all slimes for the beginning floor of poisen areas was always a particular favourite of mine visually so adding in a chance when you open up a map that every enemy on the floor (excluding cartographer and enslaver) are all of the same anemy type would be very cool (not a particularly high chance though)

  2. A volume slider for every individual sound including ones you here while you are in your inventory

  3. ID all and sell all ID and sell everything in all 4 basic bags

  4. Better crystal converting allow the selecting of how many you would like too convert/salvage from a drop down menu with a much higher maximum convert/salvage at 1 time cap then we currently have

  5. An option too always activate shrines when you get in range of them

I’m most interested in how many people like the idea of number 1 so let me know down below (even if you don’t think it’s particularly feesable I’d like too know if you think it would be cool if possible) :smile:


i would just like to clarify, do you mean something like all enemies on the floor are slimes or all enemies are worms(malum spawns) and stuff like that in #1? if so, i’d like that idea but maybe it could also be that all enemies are of the same element. it’s nice to face enemies of the element you use on your gear. it’s like killing your own kind lol

i’m not very sure of #2 tho coz it might take too much space for options like that

i like #3. it makes it easier to sell stuff. Maybe also add what other people have been wanting as well…sorting items in the 4 stashes. it’s hard to move things around so often

#4 is what would really be a convenience for most players, especially crystal hoarders like me who collect 1000+lower crystals then convert haha

Yes facing enemies of all 1 element would also be really cool and as for the volume sliders you could have a different advanced audio options menu pop up :smile:

I don’t want a map with only malum spawns (worms),
god they are the most annoying type of mobs…

Convert all and maybe adding heal class like monk or paladin

Yea just remove malums and furies entirely. Worst. Enemies. Ever. :wink:

I like malum spawns and furies…when they follow me and i stack them in one place then use a high dmg skill, they become zombies…what’s so hateful about that? Lol

I dont know about you case… But dealing with those worms alone on 900+F EP8, is annoying enough (not that hard, but still annoying), even Furies are better… because they dont play “hide and seek”

i actually do farming with a plagued build,it’s kinda weaker greengarden but still does the trick. that’s why i like the worms when they stack up :slight_smile:

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Yeah I hate malums and furies because their spawn is such a delay. I end up having to wait for them to spawn, it really slows down farming. I can clear a non-malum and non-fury map in like 2-3 minutes, but I always wind up taking 5-6 minutes if the floor has malums or furies. It’s so annoying.

in old version there was a lock item that cannot be sell event if you click the sell all

#2, I completley agree with this idea. My favourite music is the desert song.

My suggestion could be a way to listen to your favourite floor music without having to go to that floor. I tried to record it and convert into mp3 but my recorded version pales in comparison to the actual dq music. Someone here needs to record these floor music with a non laggy recorder. I have an extremely laggy recorder called SCR Pro 2 to youtube. That would be nice :slight_smile: .
I am the type of player who listens to downloaded music while playing dq sometimes because every so often, I can get annoyed of the same pattern of dq songs (except if I am in battle arena). Still I would listen to the first desert ost all day long. I need to make music on dq louder than it is because it feels quite quiet on my phone even when volume is all the way up and my phone volume is full as well.

Anyone suggest me a recording app so I can record without laggy gameplay? Thanks if you can and I appreciate it :blush: how about an in game recorder to record the game?

I have another suggestion to make (might not be a good one but its ok): make what I want from obsidian appear more often but still using a good amount of grinding/obsidian.

I wasted 10+ obsidian on one item (eternalized helmet) just to try and get 225% luck and it never appeared. I had to grind for so many hours and got exhausted and it took me 3 days. I spent so much gold, ultra rare crystals and time. It was also the final part of the build. Maybe one suggestion is for a certain affix I want from obsidian appear just a little more often. Its even more of a pain on rare legends that already take so long to find. Then again I think it could stay that way. As for ruby, I think probably stay as it is or something.

Oh well, my hard work paid off anyway.

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Yeah I remember :wink: I’ve been around since the game was first released in the earliest of it’s beta patches yknow pre legends being in the game : P

yeah those days are great also the mythics set even if you complete them there are still 4 affix use xD