Smoke bomb build help

Hello all,

I was working on a smoke bomb build but I have some questions about some off the affixes I was thinking of using.

There’s the talent bombardier that has a chance to cast another smoke bomb when casting smoke bomb, so with that in mind:

  1. I believe that bomb proc affixes wouldn’t trigger the talent but would the Specialist affix trigger the talent. Like if I cast smoke bomb and 1 second later it casts again due to specialist, can that cast trigger the talent?

  2. can the talent trigger bomb proc affix’s, specialist affix, or mirror cast?

  3. same question as one but with mirrorcast instead of specialist

  4. can mirrorcast and specialist proc eachother?

  5. may I have a cookie?

  6. I want to be able to cast smoke bomb as quickly possible. Would cool down reduction or attack speed or both be better to achieve this?

As you can guess I plan on using the smokescreen set and hopefully an eternal miasma if I get one.

The idea would be to be doing some crazy aoe blinds all over the place.

Think it can work?

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  1. In theory, yes. Trial and error.
  2. Again, in theory. Test it. :wink:
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Hell no.
  6. CD works amazingly with Smoke Bomb. Attack Speed doesn’t really effect.

Check this out:

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Haha thank you saul, I guess I will have to try and get some items with those affixes to try and test it. That link you gave was good, as it let’s me know that some rapid smoke bomb is possible.

I hope to use the smoke screen set to be able to spread out the clouds by throwing the bombs from a distance.

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Skaul. Darn autocorrect.

Hmmm and perhaps I could use the deadly arts set to reset smoke bombs cool down as well. To the laboratory!!!

Better call Skaul

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Well I do have a lot of blue crystal in my inventory. My name is funkoburg. Haha