Sneak peak at our new trailer for DQ

Still have to make a few edits, but wanted to see if you all had any feedback for us!!

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Good editing but once pets will be released, I think you’ve to do some editing :

  • Show the 4 differents dungeon/bosses in a raw
  • Show the pets
  • Show the inventaire system (lock etc)
  • Show the legendEx “Collect a massive collection of legendary items”

These are just some ideas :smile:

All good call outs…we have finished this trailer before ANY of those updates were done (our iOS version has taken quite some time). I will find out how long it would take to add in a few spots showcasing those features!

U can take parts of users vĂ­deos? to show mass kill on the new trailer :wink: i have uploaded 2 on youtube :smile:
-Dungeon quest wizard summon build
-Dungeon quest wizard battlemage + living force


Could you upload your save data to the DQ Account server?

I have uploaded, ill update it right now:)

We will try to include some game play from forum members in our next trailer…on our most recent trailer we made it and didn’t add any additional time for editing. Since we are putting the pet patch out today we wanted to make sure we had a new(ish) trailer for people to see as well.

nice video !!

hope can see other trailer with PETS ~~ :smiley:

Oh i cant wait ^-^/ xD