So, about battle arena

I just recently got a new phone and ofc the first app i installed was dq(seriously). Now i logged in to my previous account that I used before. Now, when i opened my messages, i saw that there was a rare reward chest just sent to me a few days ago. Does that mean my character was still fighting?

Yes whenever you win defensively you get rare rewards chests :smile:

Oh ok. Thanks for the quick reply. So how was your sleep?

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So if i log in to a new account, does that mean i can face myself(the previous one) even if i no longer use it?

If you are using a new account yes if it’s the same one no you’ll log in and rewrite that character when ever you play arena again :smile:

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Thanks. Now i’m back to square one :slight_smile:

Sweet I wish thee luck with your new account :grin:

Thanks. Although it’s the same account but no data haha. I couldn’t save from my last play.

Aaaaah dang your arena character should be saved separately however so if you just don’t enter arena until you’re ready again you should be able too save your rank :smile:

I’m at the bottom ranks though and i dont plan on entering the arena. Just gonna focus on farming and ascension for now :grin:

sweet :+1: I pray for RNGesus too bless you with many elixirs :grin:

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