Solid's question thread

  1. Is having 40% block /60% dodge still the way to go considering the further floors you go; the lower dodge becomes?

  2. Will there be contradiction for having bloodmagic (both normal + mythic) & Equivalence?

  3. Does Skilled mythic refer to primary skills as the first skills? Like Cleave, Sprint, Toss, Flurry?

  4. Does Harmony mythic apply to both looted hp/mp orbs or strictly to potions?

  1. no. Dodge and Block dont really protect you that well . If some enemy comes through by chance youre still dead. Right now it seems (I only know about rogue!!) that bows are the way to go. Get stagger and propulsion talents, get a ton if multiattacks/attack speed and get glasscannon. Just search for the “blightbog saboteur” build, thats the way to go.

  2. you can only have 1 resource affix (energy, harmonic, alchemist and all the rest) at a time. Blood magic pretty much overrides anything else.

okay thanks, i’ll check that out

  1. For me when I was going to high floors it is but usually I get just 1 crystal dodge and 1 crystal block.
    when you get to a point that your 1 shotted the only way to save you is via avoidance.
    Dodge, Sanctuary, Block, stealth if rouge.

  2. Correct

  3. Any form of heal works with harmony. even leech and regen

Got it.

After level 99 & 200 floors are reached; is normal difficulty the best way to go with Carto maps?

Well considering your luck and gold find goes up to 350% at mythic 3 difficulty, I auggest you do that. It will make your life a whole lot easier if you can use your affixes for dmg i stead of luck and gold find. If your gear does enough damage, ALWAYS do maps on mythic 3.

okay thanks; so my approach has been correct then.

I’ve been playing M3 past 200 floors; I’m close to 350% on both.

I’ve stumbled upon the crystal Amber & decided to use a few.
Now I’ve changed my special skill from mirror image to torrent.

If I was to aim for mirror image again; what special skill would I need to choose?

You need to pick Mirror Image.
It gives you choices and it’s random. So until you see Mirror Image again you need to use another amber.

Yeah, I figured it’d be random. Thanks.

If I use special set effects Mythical, Crystalline, Eternelized on a hireling character; will this apply to the monsters that they kill?

And also; Sureshot & Brutal stack up with high deadly strike?

Farming set affixes only works with your main. But once your main has it then no matter who kills the mob you’ll still have the bonus.

Brutal stacks up with high deadly strike.
I haven’t tried sureshot but I think it does work.