Solved- Please Help, ascended but game now impossible

Hi guys. I leveled mostly by maps. Don’t know when I reached ascention level cause I only noticed the ascention item in the store at level 99, floor 134. I ascended but now the lowest floor I can choose is 134. Even on Very Easy i do no noticeable damage and get 1 shotted by any mob.

Did I mess up by leveling with maps and waiting so long to ascend? Can I fix my ascended Wiz so I can still play him?

Thanks for your help.

you should be able to choose any floor from 1-134 through the floor selection tab it won’t be a map but it will be a floor :smile:

Thank you so much. I didn’t notice the left and right arrows in the floor selection menu. This allowed me to dab through ranges of floors until I returned to some easy one. Big help thankyou!

Glad I could! :smile:

What you can also do is choose a lower floor(say floor 60 for example).
When you get into that floor open the shop tab and purchase a challenge map with gold.
The map will be the level of the floor you are on.

This way if you want to continue to play on challenge maps you can start at a lower level of them and work your way up.