Some affix nerfed or what?

Hi, I noticed that theres a lot of changes on some green affixes as we read thier discriptions, but I also noticed that pathfinder and some other reduce damage effect affixes was quite nerfed like putting other affix components are useless. Path/dodge and block/(some talents) like they’re not properly working.
Whats happening?

I’ve been noticing some things to not sure if it’s just me or getting used to new stealth build or what. I’m telling you the map edges got rougher too just stuck on anything and everything especially the dark maps… I’ll be stuck behind a fountain I grabbed just can’t see its. either way there has been some serious mechanic changes and they were all the wrong ones besides spear did need some help. Can’t really seem the chakaràms they proc like crazyand still do tons of dmg alone. I figured the whole permastealth thing would go out eventually. This patch made me realize how lazy I have gotten. Can’t even make it though TNT let alone skyfall anymore lol

Aside from what is listed in the patch notes, nothing else was changed. What do you mean by they aren’t working properly? And please give an exact list of what you think are not working.

Can you provide screenshots/a video? I have never experienced.

I get stuck on trees all the time, also my hero following me and pet have both stopped attacking.

Can you show a screenshot of you being stuck on trees?

Someone might have changed the AI settings on your hireling.

Pets never have been able to attack.