Some expert Build with high Hp and good DPS :) for Hiking


Id say you dont need hp for hiking. You just need to increase you dodge and block.

What class are you playing?

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I plaay with move spd and dmg in hiking. Yea also dodge is important.

Move speed always in every game :smile: . Also damage and dodge. Block if you have room for it too since you can get block on all classes offhands but warrior has the shield natural 10% block.

I think rogue doesn’t appear to have the 10% base dodge from what I’ve observed but this is quickly made up by power 103, dexterity. Although she probably does. I know other classes most likely have base 10% dodge.

I play rogue :slight_smile: build tips pls

My rogue build. Its really expensive tho just base some affixes on it. You can also craft a robe with crushing flames with CF BONUS OF COURSE. and craft it. It doesn’t have to be eternal.

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Btw this is for hireling and not very Good in solo hiking.

Wow nice build thanks :slight_smile: ill start to imitate that build :slight_smile: tho I have problems with my gold and crystals wahahaha xD thanks a lot

I suggest farming first. Reach floor 300 or just floor 250. Say… Do you have a hireling? Its important to have a wizard character otherwise it will be very hard farming for that crushing flame bonus in the wizards robe.

Wahahaha yeah offcourse xD ^^ and im on floor 1.2k but im not satisfied by my build so I ask for some other build guides :slight_smile: and dont worry I already collected all legend items xD except pets ^^

Thanks again I appreciate ur build suggestion :slight_smile:

Awesome! Lol

You can place what ever pet you want in that build. Doesn’t matter, just put 10 guide shot on it