Some Extra Flare to an Already Zesty Game

I was thinking about how fun the game is while playing it but after enjoying the latest update for a while I felt a little something missing. And after giving a few days of thoughts I came up with what I feel is lacking…

  1. Events!! A lot of games gets played despite being mediocre at best because they have lots of goals or quests. DQ can’t really do quests because there’s. well. no storyline to integrate quests into xD and I’m sure the old challenges were the goal aspect of the game but once those got achieved (which was quite easy from simply playing out each dungeon) there wasn’t really much to do but grind for gear and enchant or reach higher floors with recycled dungeons and buffed up monsters. Also Feats and Hero Point System are coming out to replace the old challenges. Events, per say, every weekend can have lots of range simply from the abundance of content that the game has. ex. Reach a certain floor past 200, collect this many legendaries/CS/MS, defeat a certain boss, event maps with special quirks/affixes etc. I’m sure the developers are A LOT more creative than my imagination. Prize could range from say Legendary Pets to mid-high tier CA/MS depending on the difficulty of the event or even some silly simple items, doesn’t always have to be “end-game” stuff. Not to say that the game isn’t fun enough without this but y’know, like the title implies, some flare to a zesty game :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Some social interaction in-game! I know the developers have heard the people’s voice and thought about the idea of pvp and playing with players but those require a lot of time, coding and testing and I’m not gonna rush you guys for it. Game’s super fun to play right now and I’m just enjoying the hell out of it. No clear idea how this social interaction thing would work out either, maybe have a small sticky on the forum for DQ jokes and put one up every now and then for small laughs and giggles :smiley: or have a player of the week/build of the week to show players and highlight the versatility of the new CS/MS system and future contents and have a hall of fame on the forums. I’m always snooping around the forum so I know a trading/market idea has already been suggested.

  3. Being able to change your character model. It’d be nice to change how my character physically looks or dress them up in more variety of outfits than currently available. Just want to make my character feel more unique to my style and vision.

Just a few thoughts and ideas I pondered with. Not that these features are gonna be anywhere near game breaking. Just fun to consider the idea and then possibilities on top of it.

  1. Events are already in project for the “social patch” (coming right after the “feats-hero_stats_points-MythicsItems-Skulls/Minions” patch)

  2. Social interractions (chat, trade etc) are already in project for the “social patch” too

  3. “Bloup bloup” - An octopus

when is the hero patch?

Once 1.6 will be fixed
Then Steiger will finish 1.7 features
Then package have to come on every markets (android which is fast and the looooong and retarded IOS)

In a while then :wink:

ha ha…says you…i rock with android :smiley: