Some gear art dummied out? Too lucky maybe?

Is it just me, or the green, white-striped one, and the typical archer zipper shirt are dummied out/inaccessible? Or I’m too lucky due to over 100% Luck on my gears? I’d want my rogue to wear those, even if they’re Lv99 already.

There are some gear skins that can’t be found on legends and this probably why you can’t get them :smile:

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Guess I’d let my low-lucked Wizard get them for my Trickster Buccaneer soon.

Plus, am tempted to draw my Rogue wearing those low-tier gear skins, plus some thorns punctured on her body, due to frequent Death by Thorn damages.

I wouldn’t suggest using them because legendary pieces of gear have their minimum affix rolls set to 75% of max where as all other gear can roll very low :smile:

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Even at least as a vanity armor skin please… TT__TT

The sexy active-looking gear skins I got mostly are those with Celerity (black/green short shorts/Japanese bloomers & stockings), and the Fletcher/Deadfall talents ones (one-piece tan leotard).

EHEHEHEHEH I’ll ask the devs about adding some legends with those skins so that we can have some more variety in skins on useful gear :smile: :green_heart:

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Please do, since I’m kinda spoiled out by Unison League’s (Japanese mobile RPG game with a cute floating brown creature as its mascot) badass and sexy armor designs, am now tempted to draw gears ala-Ascendant but padded over the regular gears.

You should be fine to use other games names as long as they aren’t rude :+1: and fan art is always encouraged :3 :smile: (also I have made the request for the use of the gear sprites on some future legends :+1:)

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This will even mean for the Warrior’s and Wizards’ early-tier gears too, woot!

Plus, what if the Warriors get caped armor too? Or wizards getting younger character vanity skins (might go far with Violet as a Wizard, or Oaken as a Rogue vanity skin)?

Yup that should apply to the unused warrior and wizard vanities too :smile: and I agree maybe 1 day we’ll get some sweet vanities that play with the characters age/gender :smile: (will be up to DQ’s amazing art team on that one)

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