Some help for Rogue Bow Farm Build?

Can i have some Rogue bow build help guys like what should i put in MH , OH , Chest , Head , Ring and Amulet . What should i put mythic in those items ? just need your own opinions and a little bit help for the build TY

For what purpose do you want to use a Bow? For Guideshot build? Multishot build? Or what affixes do you particularly want with a Bow? There are multitude of ways we can go through build and affixes. Give a little more details on what you want your build should look like

I’m interested about guideshot build because i’ve seen someone deal billion damage with it. I tried to make a similar build but i can’t reach the billion damage as of the moment. :roll_eyes:

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Before the nerf of Guideshot, it was my go to mainhand for rogue, it can shoot multiple arrow(from the now current a line of arrows) with each arrow that retraces back to its target dealing absurd damage at that time.
Added with the also nerfed Bombard Mythic, I can stun lock toons on PvP :joy:

Ah the good ol’ days…

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Do u wanna use Eternellized,Crystalline,Nadroji or Mythic?

Mythic ?

Set affix incrase mythstone find chance %7.5 per rank.

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