Some help to increase my dps

Swap the +5000 weapon damage with frostbiting, and 1 of the ice damage with frostbiting as well. At your DPS +5000 weapon damage won’t help as much.

Diversifying your damage multipliers will help as well. Think of it like this…You currently have 400% ice damage bonus, so if your damage were 1, the formula would be 1*(1+400%) or 15=5. If you changed one of those ice damage to frostbiting, you’d do 1(1+300%)(1+200%) or 14*2=8.

The 5000 weapon damage is better at lower damage, but at a certain point, (which you’re well beyond) it doesn’t have as much effect.

There are likely more ways to increase your DPS, but I’m not as familiar with a rogue so I’ll leave those to the experts, but frostbiting in those 2 slots will help your DPS a lot.

I think you’re confusing Elemental Damage and Weapon Damage. If not, let me tell you, you always must take Weapon Damage+ on PVE because it acts almost like a Base Damage. You can have a 100x multiplicator, but if you base damage is low, let’s say ~3000 (orb), it would be far less than a 3000 + 5000 provided by Weapon Damage.

Here you’re assuming you have 100% guaranteed elemental crit chance (you’re not even mentioning he needs Elemental Crit% in order to apply those bonus). You can assume this against rare and below enemies, which almost die by 1 hit, but it’s obvious not true against epic and above enemies, which have far more HP, letting them survive enough to elemental crit effects don’t happen anymore.


After reading this, I went into my spreadsheet and checked the way I’m applying WD to the DPS formula, and it turns out I have a typo in my formula which makes it wrong, so disregard the first part and thank you for pointing that out…I’ll need to make an adjustment in my own build to eek out a little more damage for myself here!

Edit: Now that I look at this in the context of my own build with the newly fixed formula, the +5000 ED still doesn’t benefit me as much as what I’d replace with it. I’m gonna make a new thread about the DPS formula which I’d invite you @luisfsk and anyone else who wants to join the discussion to participate in. All the DPS formula threads I can find are old.

As far as elemental stuff, I did indeed fail to mention the elemental crit chance, so my bad there, but, in practice, for me, with 30% Elemental Crit chance, enemies are always chilled, and I’m always getting the frostbiting bonus. Perhaps its due to my hit frequency with whirlwind that the 30% is enough to reapply chilled before it wears off.

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Yes, + 5000 ED isn’t a big deal, but +5000 WD is. DPS formula is still the same.

Yeah, like I said, it looks like exactly you’re gonna always get the bonus against Rare- mobs, cause they instantly die, but against Epic+ mobs, you notice how Elemental Crit mechanics really work: Each time you apply it, the next time you apply again will have half of last duration and at certain point they just become “Immune” against these.


Sorry that was a typo, I meant WD, not ED. I don’t use ED at all. Check the thread I just posted for my maths.

Hi all thanks so much for the replies. Much appreciated, i will reply after my work.

After carefully reading, I need frostbitting and some elemental crit.
I used to equip an eternal Loop of epiphany (Ring) that gives good elemental crit, frostbitting and ice dmg.
However instead of my DPS going up, it went down. Probably due to push the limit.

Also I would like to check how good is relentless is. Can’t seem to find any answers in this forum.

Last qns, should I have my weaken at 90% or 180%

To add if I were to add more frostbitting, which perks should I remove?

Thanks guys

Don’t remove push the limit, remove All Talents +5 and +50% damage affix.

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@luisfsk I was wondering why elemental crit stops working after awhile, thank you for the insight.

It’s how its mechanics works: Each time you apply an elemental crit, the next time you apply again, its duration will be half of last duration.

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Care to elaborate why the 50% dmg?

Also, the talents: relentless and multilate which should be better?

As for multilate, let’s say it’s lvl 40.
Difference between lvl20 and lvl40 is 30%
Currently I have 2 multi attacks and 4 extra attack.
Let’s say average per ricochet I shoot 3 bullets.
Don’t I lose out 90% of the dmg?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m still a newbie.
Once again thank you for replying.