Some new help needed

So I was able to get a new slot last night and I have some questions.

  1. my ranger uses bow/gun and I was wondering what are the proper ranges I should have me attacks set to so I don’t waste mana from attacking to soon an die from attacking to late.

  2. I have my wizard set to stay 50 yards and not use any attacks away so I can kill enemies as a rouge and let him soak up dps to get to lvl 50 yet but the dumb dumb runs right up to enemies and keeps geting killed. Why?

  3. is the aftermath a good set for climbing because every guide says it’s too around floor 100-200.

  4. my rogue when set as a hireling doesn’t seem to be able to spam rico like I normaly do why?

More to come. Any hireling help will be greatly accepted as it’s a whole new territory to me.