**Some of the codex progress is gone when i uninstall, reinstall and redownload my recent save**

When I uninstalled and reinstalled as well as downloading my recent save, some codex progress is gone. Feat progress gone is ok. However, losing progress of collecting nadroji crown/robe, defiant items, aetheral drain, seven deadly sins, mashochism items, smokes screen, eternalized, crystalline, fabled and basically anything found above floor 200 legends get unticked off codex.

Is this an android issue or any device issue? This really annoys me because i work so hard to get all these legends to fill the legendex and suddenly, it all goes. At least the recorded progress of getting legends below floor 200 is counted as well as legend pets., mythics too. Would be annoyed if all that hard work is gone completely.

Also has anyone else experienced this issue at one point before? I experienced this since patch 2.0. I just didn’t think of asking whether it’s a bug at the time until now.

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Yes, legend items codex got cleared for me to when reinstalling.

I have found Cople items too for my rouge but when check book it’s not got a tick on it

Sorry to hear this has happend to both off you

Night blade, forgive me if im wrong, but didn’t you say in another post you’ve been playing with your game saves on two devices to avoid wasting outcomes of crystal uses?
Again, if I’ve got you confused with another poster, then I’m sorry. But if I’m right, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t doing this?

It was someone else I think.

I think it could be other class ring. For example if you drop nadroji stone for wizard, you will get it in the codex only for wizard.

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the rare items will clear at your codex already experience it nadroji’s and new items for example

That was not me I only have one device and no worrys :slight_smile: I think he said about it on one off my posted but took the msg down :stuck_out_tongue:

You mite me rite on that think I jasperd it for my rouge

My apologies then.

Well all rare items clear from codex except nadrojis amulet, nadrojis ring, ragnarok and vaccuos Scorpio. Even cataclysm stays. Items with frozen affix stay too :slight_smile: . Even malestrom lance, slicer and dagger stay ticked in codex even if you re-download. I just don’t like it when items above floor 200 get unticked off codex when you end up having to re download progress. Cataclysm which is found at floor 300 though stays ticked in codex for some reason but that’s because it’s not on the page where the defiant items and that are.

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yeah haha kinda annoying because already got it but when tou redownload itsngonenat codex and need to farn it over again :smile: