Some question about electrocution and lightning element

Is it east to stack lightning debuff (100% on every hit? Or is it a difrent %/ele crit?)

Im runing crushing flame bow rouge (Mh weapon ele is fire off h weapon is a vial with trickster set affix) if i set my vial element to ligtning do my immiges aply the stacks from electrocution? And how constantly will i get the full debuff on mobs?

Can i get the +2 shock debuff affix from crystals?

Sorry for the typos in doing this on a crappy phone

Shock effect max is cannot be rolled on ruby. Only electrocution drops

  1. Everytime you hit an enemy with a shock attack, you apply shock debuff to thay enemy.

  2. Yeah, they do.

  3. As long as you hit mobs with shock element attacks, the debuff stacks will stay.

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