Some questions


So I’m a new player and I’m curious about why some items have (5) beside their affix. Like mayhem(5) or permafrost(5). Currently I only have legend items and as far as I know I need 4 items of the same affix to get to (4). These items I’ve seen have (5) on just 1 item. Can someone clear these doubts for me? Thanks.


@F3soulx2 you talkin’ about +All Set. that will make your Gear (5) by using Elixer Mythstone. and some rings and necklaces also have that. look for Nadroji and Rogue’s Frightening Choker and Clasp of Terror has +All Set Numbers.


Nice thanks


yea bc their is the +All set mythstone but then their is nadroji ring that has +2 all set but if its an Eternal nadorji it has +4 but i may be wrong ill look into it more to make sure