Some suggestions

I think that the option for items pick up should work on pets too.I wasted tons of time selling pets which aren’t legend or eternal.The worst thing is that they take up the space in your bag.

It will also be great if we can select certain items and sell them at once instead of clicking on them one by one.When farming, I usually wait till my bag’s full then start the cleaning.But cleaning them all one by one is quite irritating and time consuming.

I’m not sure if these were suggested before or not, since I wasn’t able to find any related suggestions.

You know there is a sell all button right?

That doesn’t work for pets. He’s saying Pet rarity should be an option in the pickup settings.


Ah, sorry i misunderstood

Sell all doesn’t work with legend items, so it would be frustrating to sell them one by one when you have a full bag of them.

+1 :grin:

I think the pet buff feat is connected with picking up of the pet.

Example of what certain items?

Legend items, since sell all doesn’t work with legend items.So it would be nicer if we can select the one we don’t need and sell them at once.

I can’t think of a effective way to do this.
What would this feature base on? How will it select the items you don’t need?
Like a mark option?

A mark option would be great, it will save tons of time selling items :grin:.

Maybe convert cs/ms upto 1000 pcs will be great. Less stress to our fingers.

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Or you can type in the amount you want to convert :grin:.

Yes thats the idea!

This was present before but the devs changed it to prevent cheaters from mass-converting cs/ms to get high tier cs/ms easily, IIRC. And the game gets glitchy when mass-converting (game crashes…).

the only button i need now is crystal and mythic stone convert. if salvage crystal or mythic stone it up to 50 with single tap can insta 25 ⇦⇨ while convert up to 50 and insta tap 24. i just hope there is ⇧⇩ button when convert or salvage. like insta 100+ convert or salvage.

@SteigerBox will u consider that to implant in game.?

Oh really? I see so atleast make convertion upto 50. Deym my calcite is like 4k+ pcs ady i too lazy to convert that :joy: