Some techinical questions regarding Crit Bow Rogue

I know my questions could be answered by observation or trial but I just want to make sure because I don’t want to waste my resources and precious time lol

  1. Does coat effect apply to the additional attacks made by multi and extra? Or is it only in the first one?

  2. In guidedshot, if the first hit crits does the following hits made by that arrow surely crits or do they follow the crit chances again? (The same question also goes to the normal crit and elemental crit by the coat)

  3. For Stealth. If I got cd reduction 60%, dex rank 20 10.5% cd percent, stealth rank 20, Veil 20 then stealth could be just spammed always?

  4. Kinda theory crafting a while ago and thinking if damage reduction % adds or multiply each other.

For example:
Deadly Arts (5)

  • Deadly strikes have a 0.5% per rank chance to finish all cooldowns, Damage taken reduced by Deadly Strike%
  • If Deadly strike hits cap at 60% then my Damage taken would be reduced by 60%

Pathfinder (5)

  • Reduces Damage taken by 12.5% per rank of total dodge
  • If Dodge hits cap at 60% then 60 x (.125 x 5) = 37.5% Damage reduction

Defiant (5)

  • Increases Damage and Damage reduction by 25%,increased by %+5 of total HP% missing
  • Okay what I know is that it gives a base of 25%, and it just increases by % Total HP Missing

So what would be the result of my total DMG reduction. I know this wouldn’t add because that would be invulnerable lol. I really don’t have that much idea about the game mechanics so I really have a lot to ask.
Sorry for the trouble. Thanks dudes

I can answer number 3. :smile:
CD caps at 60%. Whatever a 60% reduction in Stealth’s CD would be, that’s how long you’d need to wait to cast. With Stealth 20 in hero points and Veil 40, you’d be at +80% duration. So, in theory, pretty much permanent stealth. Getting Veil 40 is alot of slots taken up, however, and keep in mind: heroic points do not count in arena.
Vanish does not work well with Stealth either, due to a CD between the two of some sort. I can’t remember the whole situation there, but I believe either @Jarz or @Kcellvirus was a part of that topic.

I could give you answers for the others, but I always fear that I’ll be wrong… :sweat_smile:

question no.4 it multiply 1 by 1 if it just add all damage reduction surely it will be broken lol.

With stealth and vanish, the have an inbuildt cooldown of 4 seconds so you can gain another stealth type effect for 4 seconds aftercast regardless of how quick your cooldown os and if you casted it say 3 seconds after it would do nothing (it would count to a cast causing procs but thats another topic) so idealy you want stealth cooldown at 4 seconds and make it last as long as possible.
Stealth and vanish are basically the same skill and use the same patterns

For question four its a little compicated.
If i have 60% damage reduction and a further 25% then it works like this:
100%-60% = 40%. 25%*40% = 10% 10%+60% = 70%
Overall, 70% damahe reduction

For question one and two id imagin they each use seperate chances however when i use trickster, if my main attck crits then so do all the copies so i think its just a give and take kind of thing with those crits

1 coat affect only 1st shot, the one that landing first,

2 if the first crit the others still a chance and not sure to crit,

3 if you want 100% stealth,
Crystal reduce cd
Stealth (20)
Veil (40)
This will make you invulnerable

4 im not sire

5 pathfinder (correct)
Defiant = this is like blood magic, the difference is it has base additional damage boost of 25%
[bm ~ start to 0% additional damage and increase by missing hp]

The others im not sure haha.

Well its my own understanding, just correct me if im wrong.

Hmmmm so Veil 40 (1.6) Stealth 25 (1.26) with 60% CD reduction would give me

Initial CD: 10s
Final CD: 10s*0.6 = 4s

Initial duration: 2s
Final duration: 2s1.61.26 = 4.032s

So that would be enough?

Thanks guys btw I have another question lol

What damage does blight dots do? (Does it take the initial damage of the MH weapon or the damage it did to the monster it hit. And does it crit or it just deals constant damage all through out)

Does it diminish by going to upper floors?