Someone help!

Does amethyst have defiant? If so how can i make it appear so i can put it on my build…

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It can’t be rolled with Amethyst. Defiant set can only be attained with specific items. Mutiny and Insolence.

Dammit… Ok thanks for the great info! Haha

Defiant items can be found from epic+ enemies on floor 200 and above (I found way too many of those at floor 200+). Seriously, if you play long enough and have the best farm affixes (I never used nadroji set affix for months), you can get like 4+ nadroji amulets, many defiant oh, many defiant weapons, malestrom weapons and more. It’s crazy! I remember when they used to be super rare but now they’re fairly easy.

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Its all about the RNG gods though - I have 3 chars at lvl 99, combined on those three, I’ve had 6 ascensions, meanwhile looking for Insolence - didn’t drop for me, while I was looking for it.
Then I decided to try something else. The day after I had 2 normal Insolence and 1 eternal version;)


What should i max in farming defiant? Is it luck? Or nadroji? What would be the best?

Where can i find nadroji robes and crown?

Floors 200+ epic map + i think

Go see codex

Codex is heart

that’s great. me? I got them in my stash with atleast 6 pieces each of them Defiant sets. It’s a good stock for future builds.

Get them both. Best cap your luck and if you can make it 1012% much better. Also activate that Nadroji bunos for enemy rarity (good source of drops)

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Thanks so much!

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Glad to help :slight_smile:

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