Sorry my bad


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First, if you want more than one Character Slot, you need to buy one. They are $0.99 each.

Second, please read this Thread that I have shared, so you can understand why you shouldn’t be asking a question like this.


no problem. there are many games where players share their game info with other players, and there are no problem, but there are players who take advantage of another players trust, and any time, effort, and money spent on a game can be lost. players can even get in trouble because a friend did something with their account, because they didn’t care, it wasn’t their own account.

as you can see in the post, I was just joking around about all this, but the Mod’s and Dev’s of DQ take this very seriously, and I was corrected very politely. they want players to enjoy DQ, not have their fun taken away by someone taking advantage of them and their account.

@dontcallmeidol thank you for your understanding and consideration, and please join the rest of the DQ Forums Community in making Dungeon Quest a fun and safe game for everyone.