Sort by type or sort by rarity?

Hello, I would like to know what the difference is from “sort by type” to “sort by rarity” and which one should I use?What about the level points? Do I focus on strength, life or mana? What about hero points? (Mage game), I’m kind of lost on these things, thank you right away.

Sort by type means everything is sorted in type of weapon and item. One side would be Mainhand and other side would be offhand as one example and then maps at the very last list

Sort by rarity is just that. Lowest rarity is at the bottom. Highest rarity is at bag no1 .

Best to focus on Power if you’re doing pure DPS build as it tends to be as the higher floor you get, the less it’s worth adding HP as you sacrifice damage but damage reduction has been buffed this patch so it’s debatable.

Also for hero points, allocate into strength, intelligence, fortune , Dexterity and your own skill that you use.

I say dont forget Fortune on Heroic points haha its a must.

+20 Fortune !

Wait, I thought that the Fortune stat wasn’t great due to the cap on luck.
Isn’t 20 a waste?

Atleast +20 will be enough on both Main and hireling

Thank you all, I am learning more with each post.

Thank you all, I am learning more with each post!

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