Special Skill Change

This might be a bit of a noob question , but since i started playing a few days agoand i was not able to find a similar thread, I wanted to ask how is it possible to change the special skill on an item?
I play warrior with a sword and totem but i saw a warrior with Axe and Hatchet and he had Taunt on his skill bar…how can he do that?

You can use the crystal amber to change the special skill.

It’s random though so if you’re looking for a specific special skill you might use a few of amber crystal :smile:

And amber crystal i presume is a high tier crystal? form what floor and above i can find one of those?
i am on floor 90 atm :smile:

Amber is around lvl 60-70 crystal i think

Most rare to ultra rare you need luck or converting eternal or crystal gears

just farm using crystalline set item at floor 100-200+. i got alot rare crystal around there and convert crystal legend u got (if it not fit for your build or your upcoming build) for ultra rare crystal.

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You even can convert Legendaries …
Or try to craft them by farming alot of low lvl crystals and combine them ( use crystal set to get even higher tiers ) :smiley: