Spellsword or Momentum

I just got an Eternal Axe but its replacing my old crystal one that had Spellsword. Should I drop Momentum and replace it with Spellsword or keep Momentum? I have 30% total move speed at the moment.

Well first of all, let me say that if you want to hurl fireballs, why not just be a Wizard. I hate Spellsword. Ok, I feel better.

Moving on.

That depends on other factors. Are you capped on dodge? Are you capped on +sets so that it is at rank 5? If yes to both, then you are giving up 60% dmg, all resist and MP(which should be turned to HP cause you should be Bloody Magical) if you drop Spellsword. If the previous questions are also true in Momentums case, dropping it will result in 125% of 30% is ~38% damage loss. Even if Momentums damage was the same or higher than the other, you are giving up other stats as well. The choice should be clear.

My main is a wizard, the tank is my Hire.

Dodge is 21.5
All Resists is 1236

I got and Eternal Fate’s Travesty and that gives me DPS+39% Protect-0.2%HP+1.4% but I lose Spell Sword because the Eternal doesnt have it but it had a Mythstone slot. Momentum is the only Green I have that only effects DPS and not other stuff.

having a comet and meteor as a skill can be disadvantage to a warrior because of heroic rank skill. it will reduce your damage output even if your damage overall stat will increase

Yeah I’m going to stick with momentum I guess.