Spending money on this game

The big debate not often spoken of.

I will admit, I’ve spent on games. I have spent on this game. But I don’t have a problem spending on games, I look at it as I would have spent the cash on something else entertaining me, however many hours I’m enthralled in a game. Some games I have spent rediculous cash on, in the end to find it wasn’t worth it. After spending too much on a game I feel obligated to keep playing it too, which makes it tough to quit. This game isn’t one of those games. Yes you can spend money here, but compared to many other games it isn’t a lot.
For me it was a great value spending on revealed maps, 5 more character slots and all the increased stash. Pretty sure all of that totalled less than $20, which adds so much convenience, and could buy little entertaining myself elsewhere. The hundreds and eventually thousands of hours played with those features will value at about 1 cent/hr eventually.
Since spending that cash I’m not hooked into spending more, there’s no instant gratification in it. I could buy vanity sets, but I dont feel compelled to. I have also spent $1 on 1 hr crystal find boost when farming through a stash of legendary maps a couple times (and will again).

I guess what I’m saying is even if you don’t spend on games out of principle, or don’t have a credit card, a good value is to be had for very little cash here. If you’re a D2 veteran, tell me you didn’t spend at least $40 on it. And in many ways this game trounced D2.

The devs have repeatedly added function and content at no charge (DQ2 or an expansion pack), listen to their players better than most I’ve had experience with, and the game is stable. Add that to the value of any purchase. The game is mostly played offline, something that is rare now, and I’m grateful for reduced data use.

I love this game.

If all you bought was an extra character slot, you get an incredible value for the purchase and keep making it worthwhile for the devs to continue improving the game. Compared to what else you can get for the money, it’s a deal.

Think of it as tipping your server at a free buffet :wink:

*This message was NOT made at the request of any affiliate of the game. It’s just my opinion.


I completely agree with what you wrote. Steiger and his team have done a great job with this game. They are very responsive and do their best to help if any issues arise, including working weekends! I have been playing for about 1.5 years now and really enjoy this game. Any money spent on this game is well deserved! I haven’t spent any money in a while and plan to spend this weekend to reward the developers on a job well done. Thanks again for giving them kudos.


Total agree with you love the game and I have spent lot more on other games which sadly did not fix much or just shut down I have buyed Cople characters slots plus the stash tabs which is so great the team on this game are amazing the support is very grate and the community is amazing too :slight_smile: