[SPOIL] 2.3 Sneak Peak?

what’s the sneak peak here? there’s nothing but an image from the app settings…no gameplay or screenshot of something new…


I have no screen recorder how to get it?

ofcorz we all know that there will be 2.3 coming , what makes this post a spoil? wheres the sneak peak ? where did you get this screenshot? hahaha i did take a look at your profile “TRUST LEVEL : BASIC USER” haha

or we misunderstood your post and what you really want is , ur asking for a 2.3 sneak peak?

Sorry just a display bug :wink: I’ve seen the same thing on my google devices in the past :smile:


It’s me.

I’m the sneak peek…

Surprise… :sob: :pill: :dizzy_face:


Not to rain on the enthusiasm here but I have not submitted a version of DQ to google play beyond version

So it could be a few things:

  1. A temporary display error from the Android operating system. In this image it appears the game has not been started after install as well.

  2. A clever fake.

  3. A modified apk on a rooted device

Or any number of other reasons :smile:

That’s weird though, the version on my app is XD

Why not submit it??