Hey guys, recently got the game and just finished floor 200 on m3. when i started doing the maps i was super squishy so put it down to m2 but even now i get one shot. im not using any bonuses and random red legendary items. any build suggestions for my rogue? ive seen some people using pets with set bonuses, how do i get them?


Get Nadroji Crystal and Stone of Nadroji, this will boost your set bonuses significantly.

As for pet with set bonuses, only Legendary pets have them and the only way to get that is thru via enslaver.

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You can find all kinds of builds here: https://forums.dungeon-quest.com/c/gameplay/guides/29


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You can go max dodge + pathfinder + stealth. Perma-stealth is the way I’d go though however, you can use equivalence mythic with equality and high armour to get more tanky.


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hey welcome to the forum, I used ricochet to kill them before they even appear in the map for those floors you may want to change your element to poison and if you want to get more gold you can use sets like satyr spirit and buccaner cause they work with gold find on gear satyr for armor and buccaner for scattered shot damage, smoke bomb could dodge the next attack, I love the nova mythic cause it’s auto element crit