Stacked electrecution and demonic in pvp and this is the after sanctuary damage

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Lmao! Hahahah awesome!

I remember getting that before. awesome sauce!

I used your build and its pretty but im having a bug with discordance cuz my orb cd is like 2 secs

No that’s normal since chakram CD is 2 seconds so when you switch CD of skills, the orb becomes 2 CD from discordance. However the orb gains 300% MH DMG but the chakram will gain 200% MH DMG from orb.

That 300% MH can be buffed by Multi and Extra Attack as well as Push the Limit and All Skills+. Also orb hero point on pet (if it works because I think the 4+ Torrent on wizard CV Amulet works).

For PvP , 2 seconds isn’t too big a deal but I have reduced it by 11% reduced CD and Hunger set. Still big cooldown but not 2 seconds. Not to mention 1600%+ MH per 0.1 seconds orb. In PvP , you’re gonna use Identity , Push the Limit , Multi and Extra Attack. Easy.

In PvE, you can reduce that 2 second to 0.5 seconds by using 45% Reduced CD. The orb MH% you can get is around 4000-5000% per 0.1 seconds when you take into account Multi Attack, Extra Attack , 300% MH from chakram Discordance , Push the Limit, Identity, All skills. Also possible orb hero point epic affix if it works.

Thanks it really helped me

that dmg