Stash 1 not available

I just bought the “stash 1” inventory page on the hired (second slot if it’s relevant) character. However I still get an “inventory full” message for this character.
I’ve noticed that the main chacarter’s (first slot) “stash 1” seems unlocked (when it shouldn’t if I remember correctly) but is not accepting any new items.

I tried swapping the characters: hired <-> main but the “stash 1” spaces are still locked.
(also tried restarting the app).

Any clues?

A stash and a bag is not the same thing. Items go into bags when you pick them up. But items must be placed into a stash manually, its for safe keeping of stuff. Stashes are shared between characters, bags are not.

Thank you for the quickest answer ever!!!

Eh, I’ve been quicker. :smile:
No problem.