Stash locked and items gone

Good day DQ! I tot of coming back in game. Sadly, when I downloaded my acc on DQ cloud and play campaign. I noticed that my 4 stash were locked and my items gone. How to retrieve my items? I got red, cyan and green gears on my stash. And pets

Go to options, social/iap and then restore purchasesā€¦ if you have the purchase of those items on your gmail receipt then this will fix the stash and other purchasable thingsā€¦ as for your items they probably wont return, send a support request ticket to devsā€¦ i imagin @tdaniel will be here eventually and might take care of it here?



You can send me a direct message with your DQ account email address and I can see if I can help on my end!

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Fixed now! I just redownloaded the game on DQ cloud. Back to game.

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