Stash lost after update

I just installed the latest patch from play store, and both my stash contents and slots are gone. I suppose the transfer to gp games process is to blame, but you should keep at least a sqlite backup on the device…
Edit: looks like the items are in the stash (or it’s just an after effect of the previous window).

This shouldn’t be related to Google Play games at all since we don’t do any type of save game saving with Google Play. We use our own system (DQ Account) to make back ups of all player data, though the user has to sign up for an account (its free) and upload their data (also free).

We don’t do this automatically because many users have metered internet connections and we don’t want to force them to accrue any unexpected internet charges. If you are still having an issue email me directly: and I will help you get sorted out.

It’s still bugged, so I sent an email. Thank you.

Ok…I have waited a bit and still have not seen an email come through to