Stats on items

Whats stats are best choice on items for higher levels? (For warrior)

I have ring with:
Hp %, crit chance, crit dmg, hp lech, mp lech, attk speed.
Idk if it will work on higher levels.

Those are decent stats. Crit, crit damage and attack speed are part of the damage ‘trifecta’ which drastically increase DPS - and leech is handy until late game where Bloodbath heals for more. More importantly, what is the talent on the amulet?

Ring* and its Assault, not bad but can get better one i think :p.
What about armor, dodge and other def stats?

For now i have lvl 56 and i cant complain at eneny power 8 :wink:

The only defensive stat you need right now is HP. Armor and resists and dodge aren’t worth the affix slots. Only a shield with block and phalanx affix is any good atm ")

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Once you find the skill build you like (like whether you want assault on your ring or not) then the main stats your wanting to look for are the trifecta stats - crit dmg, crit chance and attack speed. everything else is an added bonus, and the hp leech is a great bonus