Staying alive at floor 500 on easy

I’m a wizard and I’m struggling to farm this high for crystals . I keep getting one shotted, any tips ?

Try to use Dodge, Block or both.

dodge + pathfinder

My Wiz now on fl 530 M3,using manashield with 1 HP and 200k MP, mob attack goes around 13-15k per hit.
I dont use Dodge since my main damage is reflect damage. U can reach 75% Dodge with Epiphany set so most attacks will be Dodge,and craft Santuary Mythic on ur amulet too,it give u Immortality once every 30s :smile:

Reduce Cooldown

Yeah floor 500 on easy is a great choice for gaming high end crystals and mythstones.

100% meteor proc + aftermath + shatter

You only need 50% meteor proc for 100% effect in my experience or 60%. Although that may have changed a little bit.

nah, must be 100%, cause if it doesn’t proc, you will need wait shatter cooldown

Is it possible to remove a crystal affix to add a new one ?

It used to be 50% proc and 60% and it still is. Although lemme test. Atm my farm build aftermath still works the way it would normally, though it’s hirling.


Floor 500 easy = too easy. Also super easy crystals.

yeah tons of crystals

It’s how I got thousands of emeralds, larimars, kyanite , etc. It’s also how I got my first ever Elixir drop that wasn’t convert and I gained a ton of mythstones for a head start and it helped for my experience farm.

I had very little mythstones but then I get tons that I never use. Crystal, I get tons of and I forget to convert it all forever and it turns out to give me like 70+ ruby, 50 amethsyt and 20 obsidian, 99+ garnet, Jasper, zircon, etc and thousands of crystals before topaz.

It’s especially the case if you do legend maps at easy floor 500 with item drops or any floor where you can easily kill them.

The one time having a build dedicated to easy mode farming being at floor 500 helped me but that was too expensive anyway.

I’m trying to find a picture post of a wizard reactor orb farming set with good luck and gold find on it to farm higher difficulties

I did one with 1012% Luck/Gold Find + 250% Item Drops using crushing flames set, but killing epic+ enemies is a pain on higher floors and I also have found that reactor isn’t that helpful in this case.