Stealth in PVP

Hi guys, just wanna ask why is it that when im in PVE with my build i can go stealth longer and the cool down of my stealth is 4sec. But when im in PVP does it retun to usual CD, does reduce CD don’t work on PVP?

Because all affixes become level 20 of their values. Even if you do have max CDR, in the Arena it’s just 12%. If you push it to the Arena cap, the max you will ever get is 24%.

In case you missed it, everything is scaled down to level 20 to prevent people from oneshotting each other (which, apparently, still happens in eternal league anyway :joy:)

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oh ok, thanks

can i also ask if resistance work on arena or just armor?

Both work. But do note that values are scaled down to level 20 so don’t expect much in terms of protection