Stealth/vanish all the time possible?

I read from mrmaru’s chakram guide that he mention about stealth mode almost all the time. Is it possible to reach/achieve stealth mode all the time? I’m currently mixing stealth skill from OH weapon and mythic vanish. Veil talent at 25, aiming for 40 and still trying to get stealth proc. By these, stealth skill, vanish mythic skill, veil talent and stealth proc will invin-sible build possible? Trying this to cope with 100% glasscannon.

Since patch 2.0, all stealth and stealth-based skills have a shared internal cooldown of 4.0 seconds. Meaning, even if you do happen to proc or cast stealth again, as long as the previous cast was less than 4 seconds ago, nothing will happen.

With that being said, if you want almost 100% stealth, you need to commit for such a stealth-centric build.

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Any idea how to achieve 100% stealth?

Will max reduce cooldown help?

As I said, there’s the internal cooldown of 4 seconds where you cannot cast stealth whatever you do. With max CDR you get 60% off 10 seconds — you get stealth at 4 seconds cooldown.

Now, the problem is the duration. You will need something beyond Veil 20 and Heroic Skill stealth to get the duration equal to or more than 4 seconds. With Veil 20 and Stealth 20 you only get 3.12 seconds.

What if I reach veil 40, I’m at 35 atm. I got +10 all assassin from a legend vial.

2 * 1.6 (Veil 40) *1.2 (Stealth 20) = 3.84. Close enough

i think stealth is also affected by +all assassin affix?

No. Stealth level is affected by +Stealth or +All skills only

only way now is to surpass veil 40? any particular number? Sorry im bad at math. LOL

By the way, how many seconds is the duration of vanish? is vanish mythic skill considered stealth-based skill?

You can get 4 seconds flat with veil 40 (with the help of +20 all assassin and/or +20 veil), and stealth 25 (with the help of one +5 stealth). That’s one way to do it but you can mix and match these.

and yes, Vanish is a fancy version of Stealth but also shares the internal cooldown.

Meaning I just wasted 1 slot getting vanish mythic skill for a skill which shares same internal cooldown. T___T facedesk…

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So 2.1 will they be seprate?


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