Still do billion damage (greengarden)

after some change made on poison cloud, in latest patch my build nerfed to the core lol yet still do billion and sometime do trillion damage. played on Mythic 3 floor 600, never die even once and successfully clearing floor. carto around that floor die in 1-2sec when encounter with greengarden yet other shrine monster can hold for 4-5sec. i suggest buff carto, it too weak compared to other epic class monster. he is floor boss anyway. also probably just cancel debuff on monster (reducing hp thing) btw thanks making poison cloud deal damage not per sec. lololol greengarden 2.0 born. Killjoy build

Very nice. Would you mind post your gear?
Just by saying doesn’t proved anything. Pics or lies! :wink:

i will sent screen shot or maybe snap with other device since i change device now. Lenovo (dont know how to screenshot it it) but of course i will only show the damage not the build. dev can test it on my build and they can see how much damage it deal. lie? dont u think it just like last time when i said i do 1xxxxxxxxxxx.B damage. no one believe until i show some screenshot

Just press Volume down button and Power button at the same time for capturing a screenshot. It should work for the most of the lenovo devices.
Just because you’re dealing x billions of dmg, it doesn’t mean that we shall raise the hp of carthographer. Your argument is not really valid.

Btw. Why shall the devs wasting time and test your build? Just because you are dealing such a high dmg? Last time, it’s because you’re abusing a bug, that needs to get fixed. Otherwise I wouldn’t have ask you for the build details :slight_smile:

Why are you selfish to share? And what’s there to brag about when you are not sharing?

Cronos1234 your friend? If it’s you I’m sad because when you asked for help alot of people answered your question. But your contribution back to community is bragging.


didt i told already in old forum, that i will post full build when official 2.0 released. i care about crystal usage. as u see this all now a BETA didt it.? thing will change time to time. what if i tell u now and when official 2.0 released the damage not as what it do as now. didt u just waste your crystal.?

Lol rude but true

Btw, nice catch, this minor bug should be fixed already, but thanks to report it as “not fixed yet” :smile:

Juast noted :slight_smile: