Still unclear

I alwaus reading the codex. But still there are unclear description of some affixes, and its relation to other skills and affixes.

  1. Living Force and Ballista
    Does the damage of thrown weapon still increases even on returning (excluding the dmg given by living force), or it only multiply the total damage by the farthest distance traveled by thrown weapon?
  2. Alchemy and Manashield
    Alchemy reduces the highest of two resources, hp and mp. Does manashield still absorb damage without reducing the hp?
  3. Damage reductions
    On all of damage reduction (mp absorb, summoner, dauntless, diffusion, etc.) which of them has the highest priority, second priority and so on?

Ballista says damage is increased by distance travelled of the thrown weapon, and although I don’t know for sure, I would think that would include the distance travelled from returning with Living Force, because the thrown weapon is still travelling. I just took a look at a Redrum Warrior post, and Ballista and Living Force work very well together. there was some video’s showing damage, take a look.


Yep, tested :thumbsup: . Ballista doesn’t care as long as it counts as a thrown object and travelled yards to increase dmg, living force or none. As simple as it sounds. Many sets tend to feel like that even though we think they are much more.

As for alchemy and manashield, it will use both MP and HP due to the way alchemy works. Once MP runs out, HP may be used or vice versa.
For damage reductions, there is no real priority as it all multiples together but there is one that activates first and I would say the MP Absorb since it calculates before you actually taken any damage. Although if you have a non permanent dmg reduction (skullshield, minions, shieldwall), this priority comes after the armour and resist is taken into account (and mp absorb if you have).


I want to test it on my own but I only have limited resources to craft item. Thanks that I am in this forum which have the skilled and helpful players to assist everyone here.

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