Still very buggy

Hi all.
Firstt of all I want to say how much I have enjoyed playing the game. This is Not a troll li!e ramble. .that is a bug in the inventory section that will not let you complete the task without logging out and back in again. Not a huge problem, just a little annoying.

The real bugs are as follows; I hae a schizophrenic wizard that thinks he is a warrior and has nicked the weapons to prove it. I ha ea warrior that when he walks past barrels etc his mereresence bursts them open!!!

To give you a little background I had some of these problems in 1.6. This time I have deleted everything from 2 devices and newly installed 1.7 and started agaiin. See, I really do like the game.

Regards to you all

Do you have Wrath talent on your Warrior, cause that’s probably why barrels etc. break when near them.

Yeah, Wrath periodically damages anything in the warrior’s vicinity. Pretty neat skill actually. I’m not sure but there may also be weapons you can squire that allows the wizard to fight like the warrior so that may not be a bug either. I seem to remember having them when I played as a wizard but I could be wrong. I’m sure there are plenty of Wizard experts here who’d know for sure. It’s been awhile since I used a wizard.

Thanks guys.
I was not awre of the wrath taloent. The inventory bug is still annoying and I guess i will have to delete the wizard and try again.

Thans for your feedback

So it’s not really a matter of bug or something, be aware to everything before calling “bug bug” :laughing: