Store issue

So I’ve just bought 3,000,000 coins, the purchase said it went through on my bank statement and according to Apple it said “purchase complete” but your game gave me the error of “purchase failed” with the options “retry and ok” I hit retry and it took out another payment for the 3,000,000 coins but still haven’t received a single coin, what’s the go because I checked my statement and the money has been taken, also looked at my invoice from Apple and it shows the purchases. Have emailed support also, thanks in advance.

In-game, check the top right corner of the very first screen (where you select campaign or battle arena) and see if you have a number in the bottom right corner of the chest. Sometimes purchases go there.

For your safety and security, please do not post such screenshots.

if you have yet to received your gold, please contact customer support:

I think that screenshot had no private information in it. Plus you can still see it in edit history!

Thanks for the mention :slight_smile: Just deleted it.

I’ve messaged support twice, and I’m yet to receive a reply :frowning: I’ve checked where you stated and the coins have not gone there either! Sorry about the photo

When I click the chest in the top right hand corner it just says “connecting” and then never opens anythkng

check your dq acc storage maybe youre not login or your internet connection is just slow

Hey! They will answer as soon as they can :slight_smile: